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What you Must to know about Photosession with Flying Dresses in Santorini

What kind of shoes should you wear for a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini?

Santorini is a mountainous area and from the hotel to the hotel you have to go up and down through a large number of steps and small streets

Recommended to wear light and comfortable shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops. It is dangerous to take a photo shoot in shoes with heels, you can fall or slip. We are recommend taking pictures without shoes

What underwear to choose for Santorini Flying Dress photo shoot ?

It is best to choose underwear and a bra for shooting with the color of your skin or the color of the dress that you have chosen.

Strapless Bras and Nipple covers fit very well. You can also wear a dress without a bra.

Can I do a photo session  Flying Dress alone or with a boyfriend?

A flying dress photoshoot in Santorini is a memorable experience that you can take photos alone and with your fiancé.

The island provides perfect conditions for capturing stunning photos in picturesque locations for Love story shooting in Flying dresses.


What style of make - up is batter to choose for a photo shoot?

Recommended to choose a natural and light make-up and hair style to look fresh and natural in photo.

If you need help with make-up and hair, please contact us, we will always help you.

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